Some dealers greatly overpriced the new Chevy Corvette

Some dealers greatly overpriced the new Chevy Corvette

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Fans of the American sports car Chevy Corvette C8 have teamed up to avoid dealership margins, which in some cases reach $ 30,000. They create communities on the web where they publish lists of honest dealers.

To avoid dealers’ margins on the new generation of Corvette (index C8), fans of this iconic model decided to unite. It turns out that some dealerships set their markup on a sports car and it can reach up to $ 30,000.

When Chevy published a price list for its new product, the base price was only $ 59,995, which meant that many could afford a new mid-engined car. Unfortunately, some dealerships allow themselves to profit from such people and add their own, sometimes even very large margins.

Even the initial equipment of a sports car turns from an affordable purchase into a rather expensive pleasure. Fortunately, there is a smart solution for the masses.

To fight dealers who are trying to make money on the hype around the new C8, communication forums appear on forums dedicated to this car, which publish lists of dealers who will sell the C8 at the retail price recommended by the car manufacturer, as well as those who put their margins . This is how customers will learn about honest dealers, while avoiding scammers.

 It is reported that the eight largest dealers in the United States in terms of sales of the previous generation Corvette are selling a new generation of coupes at the price recommended by the automaker.