Solar panel barriers to be installed in Europe

Solar panel barriers to be installed in Europe

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Dutch government plans to build a multi-kilometer solar power plant along the A37 motorway in the northeast of the province of Drenthe.

This is written by PV Magazine. The implementation of a large-scale project, the main task of which is protection from noise, will be undertaken by the Rijkswaterstaat water management agency.

For the implementation of the project, the European Commission allocated 1.4 million euros. Solar panels will be installed on an area of ​​300 hectares along each side of a 40-kilometer stretch of the route. In addition, photovoltaic modules will also be mounted in the central part of the highway between the two lanes.

The project is part of the state program for the electrification and installation of noise protective facilities, and will not violate the natural perception of the surrounding landscape, the creators say. For this, in 2016 the necessary studies were carried out.

This is not the first project of this kind in the country – in October 2017, Heijmans announced the creation of noise barriers with built-in bilateral solar panels on several motorways in the Netherlands. Their first project is a 400-meter section of the A50 highway near the city of Uden.