Smart helmet X1 – a technological novelty for motorcyclists

Smart helmet X1 – a technological novelty for motorcyclists

December 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Technologies come to all segments of modern life, and not only cars and motorcycles become “smart”. CrossHelmet introduced the X1 helmet, and not only the design makes the high-tech helmet.

Smart helmets gradually begin to appear on the market. CrossHelmet introduced the X1 helmet with new technologies and futuristic design. A feature of the helmet’s ergonomics is a fairly large space in the face, which distinguishes it from its competitors. But the most interesting thing is the technological filling, which includes a fairly large display, a rear-view camera, a hands-free system, high-quality noise insulation, and systems for connecting to streaming music playback services.

But this is not all the features of the helmet. On the side surfaces of the CrossHelmet X1 – this is a touch control panel on the sides of the helmet near the visor mounting, allowing you to control some systems during movement. Moreover, the panels work even in hard gloves.

 Lithium Ceramic battery provides autonomous operation for 6 to 8 hours. The helmet is equipped with 8 GB of flash memory and a Quad ARM Cortex A53 processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. CrossHelmet guarantees that the X1 complies with all the safety standards of the “countries to which it is delivered”, that is, it must be certified DOT, ECE and JIS.

The helmet will be available only next year. Unfortunately, the appearance of a helmet in Russia is questionable, and its price will start at $ 1,799.

Note that electrification is gradually capturing the motorcycle segment, in which more and more models are presented. This time the serial version of the Veitis Ev-Twin, based on the BSA 1953 release, was shown.