Skoda taught its cars to understand Spanish and Italian

Skoda taught its cars to understand Spanish and Italian

January 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Skoda Connect can now also be used through Google Home, and thanks to the update, the system allows you to request data and information about the vehicle in several languages, including English.

The Czech brand has expanded the functions of the Skoda Connect Alexa Skill. In addition, the latest version of the Amazon Alexa Skill voice assistant can trigger information related to electric vehicles. In all models, the Skoda iV Alexa now understands English, French and German, as well as Spanish and Italian.

Intelligent voice assistants such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa are becoming more popular and make everyday life easier. Therefore, the Czech brand takes this into account thanks to Skoda Connect Amazon Skill, introducing the new Google Home Skoda Connect Action and expanding the system with new features. With the help of voice assistants, you can easily and conveniently access the current parking spot and car data from home through a special application.

With the first version of the new Google Home Skoda Connect Action, remote access to information and driving in English will initially be possible – other languages ​​will come later. The voice assistant can, for example, report the type of vehicle and engine, as well as the current state of the vehicle, and report on its condition. Google Home can inform users about the oil level and the date of the next MOT, as well as the fuel level and power reserve. Through the application, data such as the distance traveled, average fuel consumption, speed and mileage, as well as the last parking place are available. The voice assistant can also tell you if all the windows and doors are closed, the lights are off and the locks are closed or not.

After upgrading to the latest version, Skoda Connect’s voice assistant Alexa Skill, which was introduced in 2018, now understands questions in five languages: in addition to English, French, and German, it can now also communicate in Spanish and Italian. In the all-electric Skoda Citigo iV and Skoda Superb iV with plug-in hybrid module, voice assistants can be used to query the current state of the lithium-ion battery, as well as the charge level and the corresponding range. Air conditioning or heating can also be controlled with a voice command before driving. In addition, charging can be started or stopped remotely.