Skoda releases 7 millionth Octavia

Skoda releases 7 millionth Octavia

February 20, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Jubilee car rolled off the assembly line of the Czech-owned parent plant in Mladá Boleslav.

The first car, known as the Skoda Octavia, was released back in 1959. The name of the new car, which over time will become a real bestseller of the brand, goes back to the Latin word “Octo” (“eight”). “Octavia” became the eighth model of Skoda, which saw the light after the end of a protracted and destructive World War II. Until 1964, fans of the brand could buy Octavia sedans, and in 1971 station wagons became available for purchase. In total, within 12 years, Skoda introduced to the market about 400 thousand units of the model.

But the more relevant story of Octavia has been written since 1996. In autumn, the brand brought the first-generation Octavia liftback to the Paris Motor Show (it later became the Octavia Tour). This car was the first in the history of Skoda, built on the “cart” and units of the Volkswagen Group.

The very next year, the brand immediately produced 61 thousand of these cars, and a year later it increased the production of the new Octavia almost twice – to 117,500 units.

 By 2010, the number of cars produced was already 1.44 million. Now the main Skoda plant has reported a 7 millionth car. In total, last year, Skoda dealers managed to attach 363,700 Octavia cars. In November 2019, the brand introduced fans to the 4th generation Octavia.