Skoda Rapid sedan and hatchback will hit the market in spring

Skoda Rapid sedan and hatchback will hit the market in spring

February 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Czech automaker has decided on the date of the market debut of the restyled Skoda Rapid. On sale commodity copies of sedans and hatchbacks will appear in March 2020

With the appearance of the updated sedan and hatchback Skoda Rapid fans of the brand met last month. Now, the manufacturer has announced the timing of the release of its budget cars on the Celestial market. At our car market, the updated Rapid was presented at the end of 2019. The liftback has changed greatly in appearance, but the engine line and platform have been preserved. Rapid has experienced a less serious upgrade for China. Both the sedan and the hatchback now resemble the new European hatchback Skoda Scala. Cars receive new bumpers, a modified grille, other “fog”, the original head optics. But the cars retained their previous dimensions: the sedan reaches a length of 4 512 mm, and a hatchback – 4 312 mm.

 As for the interior of the Chinese Rapid, it got much less improvements. The multimedia here got a grown touchscreen, the deflectors changed shape, and the red decor complements the interior.

The brand will offer the Chinese Rapid with a one and a half liter 110-horsepower aspirated, combined with a five-speed “mechanics” or “automatic” with six feet. The atmospheric engine works in conjunction with the 5-speed manual transmission and 6-speed automatic transmission, and the turbocharged one – with a seven-speed “robot”.

Ask the price of the Chinese Skoda Rapid until it works. The manufacturer is in no hurry to publish price lists for new items.