Skoda offers customers a “virtual exhibition hall”

Skoda offers customers a “virtual exhibition hall”

April 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In many countries that force people to quarantine, car manufacturers and dealerships are increasingly relying on online sales platforms.

In the UK, Skoda has updated its Virtual Showroom program, which she hopes will allow people to continue to buy cars. Since potential customers cannot visit the Skoda dealership, six car dealership employees parked new Kamiq, Superb, Octavia and Karoq models on the driveways to their homes.

Through video communication, they provide customers with a live overview of the car. Skoda reports that over the past week, since the service became completely remote, hundreds of video calls have been made. Customers looking for other Skoda models are provided with pre-recorded video.

“Our dedicated professionals quickly adapted to the current environment, and we worked very hard to ensure that they can continue to support our customers when they need it. I would like to thank these colleagues for opening their homes so that we can provide this service to customers. We are here to provide any possible support in these difficult times and more than anything else, I hope that our customers and their families will be safe, ”said John French, head of sales at Skoda UK.

The Skoda virtual showroom has been operating since 2017. To get access to the service, you just need to go to the Skoda UK website and click on the “Live” banner, enter your phone number and make an “appointment”. In addition to offering customers a detailed live vehicle overview, they can also go through a step-by-step tuning process.