Skoda introduced an updated application for managing their cars

Skoda introduced an updated application for managing their cars

May 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

An updated application for Skoda Connect smartphones provides centralized remote access using online services and direct automobile communication via the SmartLink + interface.

Skoda, with the updated Skoda Connect app, the Czech automaker combines the functions of two apps: Skoda Connect and Skoda OneApp. At the same time, the automaker is also adding new features to the application and makes remote access and direct communication with the vehicle even easier. Another bonus: in the future, drivers will be able to use a single interface on different devices, such as smartphones and smart watches, as well as the display of the car’s infotainment system.

“We are constantly working to improve our digital applications, such as smartphone apps. The updated Skoda Connect app combines the features of our previous Connect app and Skoda OneApp in one neat solution. As a result, we are becoming more comfortable. Our plans for the future provide a single and easy-to-understand way to access all the brand’s remote channels, such as the website, applications, and much more, ”said Alain Favey, ŠKODA AUTO Sales and Marketing Board Member.

Until now, ŠKODA owners have been faced with the choice of two different applications for accessing data in their vehicles. For example, the Skoda Connect app provides online services such as remote access, locking or unlocking doors, or displaying the current position of a parked vehicle. In addition, users were able to use the functions of Honk & Flash to find their vehicle in a large parking lot, activate autonomous heating, or arrange a visit to a service center.

On the other hand, to use ŠKODA OneApp, SmartLink + technology was required in the car and a direct connection to the smartphone was required. The application uses MirrorLink or Apple CarPlay to display real-time data about the car, displaying them on the central display of the car.

The updated Skoda Connect application now combines the functions of the two previous applications thus providing a single access point for all services and uninterrupted communication with the vehicle after the first connection.

The Skoda Connect app for Android and iOS phones is available for free.