Skoda has updated the two-fuel Octavia

Skoda has updated the two-fuel Octavia

September 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The total power reserve of the model exceeded 1330 kilometers

Skoda introduced the updated Octavia with a two-fuel power plant. A modification called G-TEC, capable of running on compressed natural gas, received a new turbo engine, three gas cylinders and one tank for gasoline. Unlike the previous version, the novelty is available only in the body of the station wagon.

To replace the petrol engine 1.4 TSI came a new unit – 1.5 TSI. Its output is 20 more than the previous engine and is 130 horsepower. The engine uses Miller’s thermodynamic cycle and provides high fuel efficiency and low emissions of harmful substances. In the CNG-mode, emissions of carbon dioxide are 25 percent lower than those of gasoline engines.

The volume of three cylinders for natural gas is 17.7 kilograms. One, steel, is installed in front of the rear axle, two of the lightweight composite in the luggage compartment lid. For gasoline is designed tank of 11.8 liters. On Octavia G-TEC gas can travel up to 480 kilometers. The general stock of the station wagon exceeds 1330 kilometers.