Skoda has released a bike without pedals

Skoda has released a bike without pedals

March 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Czech brand returned to its roots by firing a bicycle.

Skoda has introduced an environmental alternative to the car – the two-wheeled electric concept Klement. The company has demonstrated its vision of future micromobility for the city at the Geneva Motor Show.

Klement is an electric bicycle with a 4 kW rear wheel motor, an energy recovery system and two lithium-ion batteries of 52 cells each, with a total capacity of 1.25 kW • h. While driving, the batteries are recharged by the recovery system. If necessary, they can be removed and charged from a household outlet. On a single charge Klement can travel up to 62 km. Maximum speed declared at 45 km / h.

The concept is a futuristic aluminum frame, there are no visible levers or cables and traditional pedals: the driver’s feet rest on fixed pedals, where e-bikes usually have a bottom bracket. Klement accelerates and brakes on the principle of a hoverboard – tilting the pedals: when you move the weight forward, the engine accelerates when the pedals turn back, the hydraulic disc brake at the front, equipped with ABS, and regenerative braking on the rear wheel is engaged. The electric bike weighs 25 kg.

Klement is equipped with a lighting system that includes an LED headlight and a brake light, LED indicators built into the pedals and daytime running lights, as well as a holder for an inductively charged smartphone. The bike supports all innovative connectivity solutions offered by Skoda, such as the “Homecoming” function, automatic emergency call launch, as well as remote diagnostics and maintenance. Through the application you can see the basic parameters of the bike: battery charge, total and residual mileage, as well as pre-determine the geographical boundaries for which the bike can not go.

The serial version of the Klement can receive a number of additional functions, such as auxiliary systems or special tires from cushioning foam.