Skoda has created a prototype of the Mountiaq pickup based on the Kodiaq crossover

Skoda has created a prototype of the Mountiaq pickup based on the Kodiaq crossover

June 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The 35 students of the Skoda vocational school took 2000 hours to create a pickup truck based on the large Kodiaq crossover. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this concept will remain produced only in one copy.

Skoda Mountiaq is a one-time project developed by students from a company from its vocational school in Mlada Boleslav. Pickup based on Kodiaq is the sixth concept car of the automaker, created by its wards. It is reported that all work on its creation took eight months. The previous project of the guys was a rather strange convertible, made on the basis of the Karoq crossover. That car was named Sunroq.

 Under the hood is a 2.0-liter TSI engine producing 190 hp. The one-time Skoda truck is significantly longer, wider and taller than the standard Kodiaq.

  More than 2,000 hours of work was spent on turning the large Czech crossover into a truck with a lighted cargo platform with a hidden storage compartment. To make room for the platform, students got rid of the rear doors, and also created a new short roof with an LED panel installed directly above the windshield.

  The doors are shorter than the regular Kodiaq crossover, and thicker to fit the more muscular appearance of the truck. Unique Mountiaq received a set of 17-inch wheels, shod in massive off-road tires, and has a front and rear track, increased by 3 centimeters. For an extra effect, an air intake snorkel was added, as well as a front winch surrounded by a clamp so you know that this is no ordinary Kodiaq.