Skoda for a minute dismantled Fabia before the cog

Skoda for a minute dismantled Fabia before the cog

May 25, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The company Skoda published a video in which the Fabia wagon is dismantled almost to the cog. The time-laps of this process takes only a minute.

The car was dismantled at the Czech brand in Mlada Boleslav after a long test of the German magazine Auto Bild. For two years of testing, more than 40 people drove by car, and the Fabia run exceeded 106 thousand kilometers. This station wagon (in the pre-style version) was equipped with a 1.2-liter petrol turbo four and automatic transmission with two clutches.

After the Fabia was completely disassembled, every detail of it was studied by the specialists of the German company DEKRA in the presence of the journalists of Auto Bild.

Skoda company intends to send all the details of the car to Germany, where the students of the college of the brand will be able to re-assemble an entire car for educational purposes.

The Fabia family was updated in February this year. The model has changed the design of the front end, and the 1.2 engine has been replaced by a three-cylinder engine with a capacity of one liter. The equipment of Fabia includes LED lights, a new multimedia complex and options from the Simply Clever series, for example, a scraper for ice with notches for measuring the depth of the tread of tires, two-sided floor mats and a flashlight in the trunk.