Skoda Enyaq iV will receive a coupe version next year

Skoda Enyaq iV will receive a coupe version next year

October 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Czech company will unveil a more stylish version of its new electric vehicle Skoda Enyaq iV, following the lead of VW ID 4.

Skoda plans to launch a range of electric Enyaq iV models over the next few years in response to the growing demand for electric vehicles. The Enyaq electric car, unveiled last month, is Skoda’s first electric vehicle based on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB modular platform.

The large SUV the size of the Kodiaq will be available from launch in two rear-wheel drive versions with 389 km and 508 km of range, and the company will also offer two all-wheel-drive variants, one of which bears the vRS mark. Now the head of sales and marketing of Skoda Alain Favi said that in addition to the listed versions, new options for the electric car are expected.

“We think that Enyaq is the perfect right step and the range will expand over time,” – he said.

The upcoming Volkswagen ID 4 will receive both regular SUVs and coupe versions, and spy shots of the prototype have shown Skoda will follow the same route with Enyaq. While it looks identical from the front to the regular Enyaq, things change from the B-pillar to the back with a different roofline.

The Enyaq coupe, whose serial name has yet to be confirmed, will have the same base as the regular Enyaq. That should mean a range of powertrains starting with the 177bhp model. with rear wheel drive and 62 kWh battery and up to vRS with 302 hp, all wheel drive and 82 kWh battery.

It remains to be seen if the redesigned rear will have a positive impact on the range. For example, the Audi E-tron Sportback travels 10 km more than the regular E-tron, thanks to its lower drag coefficient. It is likely that the modified Enyaq roofline will have a similar effect.

No radically redesigned interior is expected for the coupé version, and the model will feature the same digital gauges and infotainment display found in the standard car. Possibly a modified roofline will affect the interior space and also reduce the boot space.

In terms of price, it is likely that the coupe will cost about £ 1,000 more than the standard SUV, which is priced at a minimum of £ 30,450.

Aside from intending to expand the Enyaq lineup, Favi said Skoda has no serious plans for its next electric vehicle, but the MEB platform means it will be able to develop new electric vehicles faster than traditional combustion engine models.

“It depends on how fast the electric vehicle market grows. We don’t know what the demand will be in the EV market, but we think we’ve done our homework. I see a lot of potential for electric vehicles outside of our typical markets. In Norway, we have 6% of the market, which is more than the European average in the country where everyone buys EVs. Skoda in Norway is very pleased to receive the Enyaq. This gives us many opportunities to conquer new markets, – said Favey.

He clarified that the introduction of electric vehicles in the Skoda lineup should allow the brand to increase its share in the markets of Western Europe, where its performance is lower. After China, the largest sales markets for Skoda are Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland.