Skoda and VW Group to build a plant in Serbia

Skoda and VW Group to build a plant in Serbia

March 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The growing popularity of Skoda cars is gradually falling, and the reason for this is not a decline in interest in the brand, but problems with the supply of new cars. Waiting for a new Kodiak for a customer can be comparable to waiting for a premium model.

Skoda problems with the supply of new cars significantly affect the popularity of the brand. The waiting time for a new car may scare away most customers, and therefore the company will not be able to solve the problems of slowing down the positive dynamics until they build a new plant. Last year, two factories in the Czech Republic, Mladá Boleslav and Kvasiny, assembled 886,100 cars.

 The problems of the two factories are exacerbated by the expansion of the model range, and Volkswagen will add even more pressure by moving the production of the new Passat to the Czech Republic. Company representatives were looking for the perfect place to add a third Skoda plant in Europe. VW Group has already chosen the country, and this not yet named plant in Serbia will also assemble SEAT models.

In total, the concern had four countries, including Turkey (Serbia’s main rival), Bulgaria and Romania.

We have repeatedly published spy photos of the future sedan in the new version, but independent designers decided to go further.