Sketches of the future SUV Cadillac appeared on the network

Sketches of the future SUV Cadillac appeared on the network

October 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Sketches have appeared on GM’s Instagram account that demonstrate how the corporation’s designers see the design of its future models.

The car shown in the illustrations is unlikely to be released, but GM specialists set themselves the goal not to develop the appearance of a production model, but to show how an alternative to the current Cadillac SUV models might look.

So, from the front, the imaginary car resembles the Lyriq electric crossover and the Celestiq sedan. In addition, you can see headlights attached to the nose and passing through the fenders, as well as a square, trapezoidal element located in the center.

When looking at the car in profile, it seems that there are no racks between the front and rear doors. In turn, the B-pillar is located much further than usual, starting at the rear wing and continuing to the roof. Note that such a design would provide a large amount of light entering the cabin. And at the stern there are sharp lights and double-leaf tailgate, a similar design concept used on early Escalade models, which allows access to the required half of the luggage compartment.

In addition, a design sketch of an electric car of the American brand Cadillac was recently circulated on the Internet. It is likely that the electric vehicle in the image will never make it onto the production line.