Sketches of a Ford Bronco pickup accidentally hit the Web

Sketches of a Ford Bronco pickup accidentally hit the Web

January 17, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Ford has released an entertaining video detailing how the new Bronco was designed. In the frame, sketches flashed in which Bronco is presented in the form of a pickup truck.

The car in these official design sketches replicates the revived Ford Bronco. For those in doubt, there is a more obvious clue: a surfboard that says “Bronco” on the pickup’s cargo platform.

Even if this is not a planned production model, the sketches hint that Ford has nothing against the Bronco pickup. Such off-road trucks are rapidly gaining popularity, so Ford may well keep one such working project for the future.

The Bronco pickup has been talked about before, but we shouldn’t forget that such a new product could harm the sales of the Ranger and F-150. To prevent this from happening, the company will have to offer customers a completely different car.

The Bronco pickup is expected to arrive around the middle of the decade.

Previously, the sketches showed a crossover from Cadillac. Certain design elements of the new items have something in common with the electric Cadillac Lyriq. The most noticeable part of the exterior of the new parktenic is the elongated rear end.