Six-wheel Suzuki Jimny 6×6: video rendering process

Six-wheel Suzuki Jimny 6×6: video rendering process

January 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The video showed the process of creating a brutal SUz Suzuki Jimny 6×6 with six wheels. Unfortunately, this is all fantasy, but can someone take up such work in life?

New Suzuki Jimny – a real hit. Sales in the markets where pretty SUVs are being offered are already underway at high rates, and in the meantime the automaker is demonstrating the potential of car tuning with cool concepts such as the expeditionary Jimny Survive. Until that time, no one even thought about the version of the six-wheeled pickup, but SRK Designs showed how cool it could be.

In addition to the finished result, the designers decided to show the process of creating an image. A regular copy was taken as a basis, which was extended and the cargo body from the pickup truck was added. This made it possible to harmoniously enter the additional axis. We also see that the designer decided to use some elements from the G-Class 6×6, but reduced them to the size of the Jimny.

Off-road wheels with an “evil” tread, black light-alloy wheels and a massive bumper with a winch add special charm to the models. Another feature of the “brutality” was the additional equipment on the pickup body and the roof, which made an imaginary car ideal for the next journey through the wild.

New Jimny appeared on the market for less than six months, and tuners are actively using it in their projects, and perhaps this version will be released.