Six-time champion Sebastien Ogier will now play for Toyota

Six-time champion Sebastien Ogier will now play for Toyota

December 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Apparently, the Japanese automaker is very serious about motorsport, once lured such a professional racer. Can Sebastien get the seventh goblet for himself?

This year, for the first time, the winner of the World Rally Championship (WRC) was not Sebastien Ogier. The last time this happened about 17 years ago, only in 2003.

 And this year, the Estonian Ott Tyanak rightfully deserved the WRC Champion Cup, because of which the series of victories of the Frenchman, his monopoly, which he had provided until recently, ended.

 Tyanak, who won with the Toyota team, has already moved to another company, now he will play for Hyundai. With this brand, the rider will defend his title next season at the i20 WRC. And who will replace him in combat Yaris? Of course, he will be Sebastien Ogier.

 Toyota lured the legendary racer to replenish the collection of trophies at its headquarters, and at the same time to return Seba to the main podium of the world rally. Experts give a forecast that a professional will again be able to get a champion title even speaking for another company.

 It remains only to observe whether Sebastien Ogier can get the seventh victory for himself.

Recall, a race was previously held with the participation of 71-year-old grandmother, who showed the class in drag on German sports cars. Two cars participated in the race: Mercedes-AMG G63 and BMW M850i.