Six BMW executives go to jail for dirty manipulations

Six BMW executives go to jail for dirty manipulations

January 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

 In South Korea, a court found guilty the leaders of the local BMW division for falsifying reports on harmful emissions of cars sold. Convicts will spend in prison from 8 to 10 months.

South Korea just pledged for BMW: in December, AutoTimesNews talked about a criminal case that was initiated against the German company by the local Ministry of Transport and Communications in connection with a series of diesel car spontaneous combustion, and today in the court of the Central Administrative District of Seoul a hearing was held on another case – about falsification of emissions reports. The court found six former and current BMW Korea executives guilty of preparing such reports and obstructing the work of state bodies to improve the environmental situation in the country. It is alleged that the frauds were carried out since 2011, and since then 29,000 certified fraud vehicles have been sold in South Korea. Three of the six defendants were taken into custody right in the courtroom, all to spend in the Korean prison from eight to ten months, depending on the degree of participation in the crime. In addition, the court ordered BMW Korea, as a legal entity, to pay a fine of 14.5 billion won (about 13 billion dollars).

The image of BMW, shaken against the background of scandals, was expected to lead to a drop in sales of German cars in South Korea: in the first 11 months of last year, they decreased by 10% (compared to the APPG) and amounted to 47,569 units, while the segment of imported cars in general the country grew over the same period by 13%.

Meanwhile, before the New Year, it became known that the Office of the President of the Russian Federation plans to transfer its employees from BMW cars to Korean cars Genesis. At about the same time, we were telling a heartbreaking story about an accountant at a BMW dealership in the US city of Darien, Connecticut, who stole more than $ 1.1 million from an employer to buy a Ford Mustang. She was also imprisoned. In general, something unlucky BMW recently – let’s hope that the black bar in the annals of the German mark will end soon.