Singer starts production of brutal restomod Porsche 911 DLS

Singer starts production of brutal restomod Porsche 911 DLS

April 7, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Restomod specialist Singer has shown the first images of client samples of the 911 DLS project, the most powerful and radical version ever developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering.

A few years ago, Singer surprised audiences with the DLS (Dynamics and Lightweighting Study), an even more radical version of the Porsche 911 restomod that made the Californian tuner famous for the unconventional technological load of this type of handcrafted project.

This isn’t just a refurbished Porsche 911 with an uprated engine and various carbon fiber trims, but a variant designed by some of the biggest names in the industry, who have lightened the weight as much as possible and extracted every last drop of performance. These are the 911 restomod versions of the 964 generation.

The frame was developed in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering and companies such as Michelin, Brembo or BBS. This meant that the car was made as light as possible thanks to the use of a variety of carbon fiber and magnesium elements, making it the lightest and most radical model configuration we can find on the market.

The naturally aspirated 4.0-liter six-cylinder engine has also been improved thanks to the wisdom of the legendary Hans Mezger, the German engineer in charge of numerous powertrains at the Stuttgart firm, who acted as consultant on the Singer project.

The result is a classic-styled Porsche 911 with wider axles, an abundance of lightweight materials and a 507-horsepower engine that sends power exclusively to the rear axle via a manual transmission. Like all products of the company, this model has an extremely simple and laconic design without frills, but always emphasizing the lines of a classic German sports car.

Although the presentation of the first instance of this particular project took place in 2018 during the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival, the production of 75 units intended for customers has not yet begun. The first images show that everything is ready for production at Singer’s UK facility.