Singer and Williams made a 28-year-old Porsche a unique supercar

Singer and Williams made a 28-year-old Porsche a unique supercar

July 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood, Singer will present the result of cooperation with Williams Advanced Engineering and a number of other automotive experts – the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) project based on the classic Porsche 911. Two cars will debut at the company’s stand: the 1990 and 1989 models. Only the photographs of the first one have been published so far (the second one will be painted red).

A unique engine for the supercar was developed in cooperation with Williams Advanced Engineering and the famous Porsche mechanic Hans Metzger. The unit was based on a 3.6-liter engine of the 1990 model, whose capacity was increased to four liters, replacing almost all the nodes.

The body of the sports car is entirely made of carbon fiber. When it was created, to improve aerodynamic characteristics, the methods of computational hydrodynamics were used. The Porsche is equipped with a seven-speed manual transmission in a magnesium alloy casing and an open rocker mechanism, carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes (carbon-ceramic mixture of wheels similar to that used on the Bugatti Chiron), Recaro racing seats, and the Momo carbon steering wheel.

In addition, for Singer DLS made magnesium wheel with a central nut, adjustable shock absorbers, a special version of the tires Michelin 295 Pilot Sport Cup 2, as well as multi-mode stabilization and “anti-bumping”.

In 2017, during the presentation of the sketches of the car, it was announced that the company would build 75 such cars. And they will not be collected in California, where the headquarters of Singer is located, and on the basis of Williams in the UK.

The cost of each supercar will be at least 1.8 million dollars. For comparison, the prices for “ordinary” Singer projects reach up to 500 thousand dollars.

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