Singapore Grand Prix: Vettel – Leclair – Verstappen

Singapore Grand Prix: Vettel – Leclair – Verstappen

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Before the weekend, Mercedes and Red Bull Racing were called the favorites of the weekend in Singapore, and even when the protocol of the Saturday training was headed by Ferrari racer Charles Lecler, they did not pay attention to it, but it was the Monegasque who won the qualification, having won the fifth pole of the season – and the third contract.

At Ferrari, they prepared new products that allowed them to add to the corners, and their direct advantage was confirmed by victories at previous stages in Spa and Monza. Sebastian Vettel was also quick, but he made a mistake on the decisive circle in qualifications and did not complete the attempt.

Sergio Perez lost five positions at the start for the replacement of the gearbox, Daniel Riccardo was excluded from the qualification protocol – in the first session, the MGU-K motor-generator on his car gave out more than the allowed 120 kW. Riccardo was allowed to race, he started last.

The softest tires were brought to Pirelli – in the roles of Hard, Medium and Soft, compositions C3, C4 and C5 were used. Gasley started on Hard, Giovinazzi, Raikkonen, Magnussen, Quat, Perez, Stroll, Grosjean, Russell, Kubica and Riccardo on Medium, the rest on Soft.

Leclair and Hamilton began the race from the first row of the starting field, Vettel and Verstappen from the second, Bottas and Elbon from the third. Daniil Kvyat started on the 14th.

At the start, Leclair retained leadership, in the first six positions have not changed.

Riccardo crashed into Russell, Hulkenberg collided with Saysem – Carlos received a puncture.

On the 2nd lap, Hulkenberg and Russell changed tires, Sainz received a new nose fairing and returned to the track with a lag in the circle.

The top ten on the 4th circle: Leclair – Hamilton – Vettel – Verstappen – Bottas – Elbon – Norris – Giovinazzi – Magnussen – Gasli. Quat rose to 12th place.

On the 6th lap, Riccardo beat Stroll, rising to 13th place. On the 8th, Hulkenberg overtook Kubica in the struggle for the 17th.

On the 10th lap, Riccardo and Stroll got ahead of Quata, on the 12th lap Perez overtook Daniel.

On the 13th circle, Kvyat changed tires, on the 14th – Perez, on the 16th – Raikkonen, on the 19th – Magnussen.

On the 19th lap, Hulkenberg was ahead of Grosjean in the fight for 12th position.

On the 20th lap Vettel and Verstappen changed tires – Max remained behind Sebastian.

On lap 21, Leclair, Elbon and Norris had a pit stop. Charles returned to the track behind Vettel.

On the 22nd lap, Kubica changed tires, on the 23rd – Bottas.

On the 23rd lap Elbon beat Hulkenberg, on the 24th Raikkonen overtook Grosjean – and Roman turned into boxes for fresh tires.

At lap 26, Hamilton changed tires by driving the longest stretch of the race at Soft.

On the 28th lap Vettel was ahead of Stroll, and on the 29th lap – Riccardo. Lecler was not at the first attempt, but he also overtook Stroll – during this time Sebastian was able to break away.

On the 29th lap Vettel ahead of Gasly, rising to second position, and on the 31st – Giovinazzi, leading the race. Leclair and Verstappen overtook Riccardo.

At lap 32, Stroll pit-stop, Lecler and Verstappen overtook Gasley – and Pierre turned to the pit-stop.

On the 33rd lap, Hamilton was ahead of Riccardo and Giovinazzi, rising to 4th place. Bottas and Elbon also overtook Riccardo – the tires were worn out by the Australian.

At lap 34, Riccardo punctured the right rear wheel in contact with Giovinazzi – and both riders turned into boxes.

The top ten on the 35th round: Vettel – Leclair – Verstappen – Hamilton – Bottas – Elbon – Hulkenberg – Norris – Magnussen – Raikkonen.

On the 35th lap, Russell, after a collision with Grosjean, crashed into a barrier. Grosjean turned into boxes and changed tires, a safety car drove out.

Hulkenberg, Quat, Giovinazzi, Grosjean and Sainz changed rubber.

The top ten behind the safety car: Vettel – Leclair – Verstappen – Hamilton – Bottas – Elbon – Norris – Magnussen – Raikkonen – Perez.

On the 37th lap they announced a restart. Vettel retained leadership. In the first ten changes did not happen. Stroll struck the front left wheel and turned into the pits.

On the 43rd lap Perez, by order of the team, stopped the car on the highway – the safety car again drove out. Kubica and Stroll turned into boxes.

The Ferrari asked Leclair not to fight Vettel after the restart – the riders were driving to the winning double.

On the 47th lap they announced a restart. Vettel retained leadership, Gasli ahead of Raikkonen, Sainz – Riccardo.

Raikkonen’s car lost its pace, he missed Giovinazzi. Quat attacked Raikkonen, there was contact – Daniel continued to move, and Kimi came down with a broken suspension. A safety car drove out.

The top ten for the safety car: Vettel – Leclair – Verstappen – Hamilton – Bottas – Elbon – Norris – Gasley – Hulkenberg – Magnussen.

On the 51st lap they announced a restart. Vettel retained leadership, Giovinazzi, Sainz and Riccardo ahead of Magnussen.

Stroll and Quat were ahead of Magnussen, who had lost his pace; on lap 57, Kevin changed tires – and left the best lap of the race.

Sebastian Vettel won the Grand Prix of Singapore, having won the first victory of the season and 53rd in his career.

Charles Leclair finished second – Ferrari has the first winning double with the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix. Max Verstappen climbed to the third step of the podium.

Next week, the struggle will continue in Sochi!