Simon Pazhno won in Toronto

Simon Pazhno won in Toronto

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Simon Pazhno won a victory in Canada on the streets of Toronto, where the eleventh stage of the 2019 season of the IndyCar series was held. This year, if the Frenchman wins, then in prestigious races or on the legendary tracks. Earlier this season, he won the Indianapolis Grand Prix and the Indy 500.

This victory, which became the 14th in the career of a Frenchman, can probably be called dominant, even at the end of the race he was under severe pressure from Scott Dixon, and the gap at the finish of the race, which was interrupted by a yellow flag for a few turns before the end for the accident Will Power, was only 0.1373 seconds.

The fact is that most of the weekend Pazhno, one might say, played in his own league. The pilot of the Penske team led two of the three workouts, won the pole position and led 80 of the 85 laps. Most of the race he had a solid lead. But in the last stretch, Dixon reduced the gap from the Frenchman from six to one second, which was largely due to the more voracious Chevrolet engine and the need to save fuel.

“Today, our car was very fast throughout the race and we had no problems,” said Pazhno. – The whole weekend I was confident in my abilities. These days are the best. In the race there are often difficult days, but we stand for good, such as today. “

Dixon fought for victory to the last, despite the bent tie rod at the beginning of the race. The current champion finished second.

“I had contact with the wall somewhere around the 12-15 range, which is why I slowed down and came under attack from Rossi,” said Dickson. – The rest of the distance steering wheel was crooked. In some corners there were no strong problems, in others we lost at the entrance, the car had oversteer.

As soon as we switched to hard tires, the behavior of the car improved, and I was able to get closer to Simon. But on this route it is very difficult to overtake. It seems to me that I could not get close enough to jerk on a straight line. I think if I had overtaken him, I could have come off. “

Alexander Rossi from Andretti Autosport finished third and was satisfied that he decided his main task in this race – to leave behind the main opponent in the fight for the title of Joseph Newgarden. Now Rossi is only four points behind the championship leader.

“Before the start, we knew that our car didn’t have speed to win,” Rossi said. “So I’m pleased with the finish ahead of Joseph and the trophy for third place.”

Newgarden, in turn, made a mistake in qualifying and the lack of yellow flags in the middle of the race, which made the alignment in the top five rather predictable. Joseph started fifth, but rolled back to sixth place at the start. After the first wave of pit stops, the champion of 2017 was only the eighth, but he managed to break into fourth place.

“If I had not made a mistake in qualifying, it would be easier for me,” said Newgarden. – But when almost the entire race passes under the green flag, then you finish it approximately where you started.

Some positions can be played in the pit lane, but we did not have enough speed to get ahead of Rossi and Dixon, who were today my real goal. And to beat Pazhno in the event of a clean start, no one had a chance. ”

This is what happened. Pazhno at the start retained the leading position ahead of Dixon, while Rossi blocked the wheels on the way to the first turn, but this did not prevent him from taking the third position from Rosenquist before the third turn.

In the eighth turn in the first round there was a blockage. Reichol tried to attack Marco Andretti, and Reich himself Will Power. As a result, the three pilots did not share the track. Andretti turned 360 degrees, but he continued the race, but Power and Reichol were in the wall. After the race, the Aussie pleaded guilty in this episode.

Also in this episode, Mateusz Liszt, Marcus Eriksson and Ryan Hunter-Ray set off for the rails. After the incident, all the pilots continued the race, but List and Erickson were in the circle behind.

On the restart, which was held on the fourth round, Pazhno did not leave any chances to his rivals. Pazhno, Dixon and Rossi were in the first three places, while Ezh Jones was ahead of Rosequist in the battle for fourth place.

The first wave of pit stops took place in the period from the 16th to the 19th round. All those who started on soft tires, that is, 18 pilots from 22, switched to hard rubber. Initially, only Reichol, Weich, Power and Eriksson started the tires on tires without a colored rim. At the same time, Karam, Viich, Hunter-Rey and Feruchchi did not enter the pit lane during this wave.