Siemens and Porsche to build a climate-neutral fuel plant

Siemens and Porsche to build a climate-neutral fuel plant

December 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Siemens Energy and Porsche have announced work on a new project, Haru Oni, which will build the world’s first commercial facility in Chile to produce synthetic e-fuel.

Such fuel will be used in internal combustion engines, as well as in the engines of ships and airliners. For this, they will resort to using energy from renewable sources. Theoretically, in the future, it is also possible to add installations that will make it possible to obtain synthetic kerosene and diesel fuel.

In a simplified way, everything works like this: energy from wind farms and solar power plants goes into a highly efficient electrolyzer based on proton-exchange membranes. Further, carbon dioxide is captured not only from the atmosphere, but also from industrial facilities.

The company’s products will both be used in Chile and will be exported. Porsche is going to buy it for its own racing cars. The German corporation has allocated approximately 20 million euros for the implementation of Haru Oni. At the same time, she plans further investments.

In addition, some time ago it was noted that the German company Porsche has started testing a “high” modification of the sports car 911. It should be emphasized that the German brand has not yet officially announced such a car.