Shows the story of Mercedes-Benz headlights ahead of EQS debut

Shows the story of Mercedes-Benz headlights ahead of EQS debut

December 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German company is constantly introducing new technologies, improving its cars, as for the headlights.

The German automaker Mercedes-Benz decided to recall its past, namely, showed on the images the history of the headlights of its cars. The first model of the company used candles, it is reported that they provided only “a few meters of visibility” and made driving in the dark “a bit of an adventure.” Lighting technology was gradually improving, and Mercedes 1901 received acetylene lights, giving a little more light compared to the previous model. However, a significant modernization occurred in the 1910th year, when the battery headlights were introduced. Drivers no longer had to manually light and turn off the lights.

In the 1920s, electric lights began to gain immense popularity, and Mercedes-Benz began to develop in this direction. Already in 1934, 500K had Bilux lamps with two filaments.

 Further, for a long time, headlight technology remained virtually unchanged. And in 1971, the company introduced the R107 SL, which became the first car with H4 lamps. They were the first to use halogen technology. As a result, night visibility was doubled.

The 1995 E-Class was the first to receive xenon headlights. Optics has also been a significant improvement over halogen predecessors. Xenon headlights worked much longer and consumed less energy, while producing 3 times more light.

 Later, they gave way to LEDs, and the 2010 CLS was the first car to feature dynamic LED headlights. This model was equipped with adaptive high beam, which was also a “breakthrough”.

 In 2013, they introduced the S-Class, which became “the world’s first vehicle that could do without bulbs.” Instead, he was fully equipped with LEDs.

 Since then, LED headlights have been constantly improving, and Mercedes-Benz noted that each headlight in the 2016 E-Class has 84 individually controlled LEDs, rather than 24, as was the CLS just 2 years ago.

 We should expect a continuation of this trend, as high-tech headlights will be installed in the upcoming EQS, according to a German company. The automaker did not provide details, but noted that the Vision EQS concept has a digital radiator grille with 940 separate LEDs.