Shown the salon of the Chinese cross-country Haval First Love

Shown the salon of the Chinese cross-country Haval First Love

November 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In September, the Beijing Auto Show was held, where Great Wall Corporation demonstrated a large number of new products. Among the new cars was the Haval First Love, which is a cross on the new Lemon architecture.

Its interior remained classified for the time being, but ahead of the Guangzhou auto show, the Chinese company decided to show the interior by posting a snapshot of it. Judging by the photo, the cross received a projection screen on the windshield, digital dashboard and a large touchscreen of the infotainment complex. There is no classic transmission lever, which is a selector, in front of it there will be a slot for wireless charging of the smartphone.

At the moment there is no clarity about the role of First Love in the model line of the brand: the Chinese press believes that he will change the H2 model, according to another version, both sales of cars will be carried out in parallel. But the presence of options and finishes “rose gold” may not indicate that the First Love is a full-fledged successor to the H2.

There is currently no information about the power unit of the upcoming car. According to assumptions, this car will be equipped with a 150-horsepower turbo engine. It’s worth mentioning that the Lemon architecture allows for hybrid drivetrains and all-electric powertrains.