Shown 750 hp truck Kenworth W900 L

Shown 750 hp truck Kenworth W900 L

October 12, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Perhaps now there is no such wheeled vehicle in the world that various tuning studios have not tried to modernize. Tuned motorcycles, cars, tractors, as well as hefty trucks. That’s just about the representative of the last class we mentioned, and we wanted to talk.

There is a tractor called the Kenworth W900 L with a very long hood. It was he who decided to take it under another, rather ambitious project, and I must say that the car was completely redesigned. A distinctive feature of the W900 L is that it retains the classic truck lines of the last century.

A video was published on the Barcroft Cars channel on YouTube not so long ago, which captures this stunning truck in every sense, which is considered to be the only such car in the world.

This car was built to show what the Texas Chrome team is free to do when it comes to making trucks. They invested in the project, which they called Project TOC, about 180,000 dollars. All work continued for a year and a half. I must say that the result was worth it!

  The 750 horsepower truck received a spectacular design that was created manually for several weeks – eight layers of paint, chrome, polished and engraved aluminum wheels. The car has a new grille, as well as unique LED lighting around. Inside, the original dashboard remained, which now has many new switches, plus chrome trim materials and an audio system with 38 speakers.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that the tuners prepared the exclusive Dodge SRT Hellcat Widebody. Less than two months are left before the SEMA Show, and SpeedKore tuning studio specialists are going to demonstrate the unique Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody as part of this event.