Showed a 100-kilometer “cemetery” of rental cars

Showed a 100-kilometer “cemetery” of rental cars

April 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, many rental companies that have lost customers are forced to search for a site to house their cars. So, on the Hawaiian island of Maui on a reed field is now a giant “cemetery” of 18 thousand vehicles.

Most of these machines served one of the busiest airports in the state – Kahului. And because of the COVID-19 epidemic, all islands were isolated from the mainland, which subsequently led to the loss of most consumers. At the same time, such parking lots continue to grow.

From a full-fledged fleet of local companies, which today amounts to about 20 thousand cars, about 2.5 thousand models are currently in demand. Because of this, “field” parking has become wide – about a hundred kilometers, and the distance between adjacent cars is sometimes reduced to a few centimeters.

Due to the ongoing epidemic of coronavirus, car rental is becoming less popular not only on the islands, but also on the mainland. In this situation, the American Vehicle Rental Association has already requested the authorities to support the industry.