Should we expect a hybrid or all-electric Porsche 911?

Should we expect a hybrid or all-electric Porsche 911?

March 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A hybrid version of the German sports coupe can only appear in 2026, when the next generation model appears, and after 2030 we can expect the appearance of a fully electric version of the car.

Porsche is not averse to electrifying its lineup. The Taycan sedan is the first electric car of the company, and in the Turbo configuration it can offer quite a lot of performance. The Taycan Sport Turismo and Cross Turismo station wagons will soon appear, and rumors are still circulating that brand management is also about to introduce a 911 hybrid and electric coupe version.

 Foreign publication Autocar reports that these rumors are allegedly false. Journalists cite the words of the head of the Porsche 911 family Frank-Steffen Wallizer.

Autocar had the opportunity to chat with him on various topics, and there was an electrified 911 among them. In short, he did not seem to be interested in developing a hybrid or fully electric version of the iconic Porsche car itself. He separately noted that he “will fight to ensure that 911 retains its gasoline engine.” He also said the 911 would be the last Porsche to be powered by electricity. Presumably, the electric version of the model will appear after 2030.

 This, of course, differs from the rumors that we heard about the electrified versions of 911 (generation 992) – it was previously reported that such versions of the sports car may appear already in 2022. Apparently, Porsche will not even offer a hybrid version of the current 911 generation – a new generation of the model will be presented in 2026. Walliser’s fears seem to be about adding too much weight to the 911.

 It is noteworthy that it was previously reported that the 911 coupe of the current generation 992 was developed taking into account the installation of hybrid engines.