Shootingbrake Porsche Mission C image posted online

Shootingbrake Porsche Mission C image posted online

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The German Porsche Corporation has already taken its first steps into the future with the new Taycan, the brand’s first all-electric model.

Since the model debuted, the brand introduced several Taycan trim levels, in turn, there will also be more electrified Porsche models. What kind of models this is remains a mystery, but Ryan Prisc went further and used his own imagination to create the Porsche Mission C, the 2-door Shootingbrake that the German brand might someday create.

An independent designer posted the image on Facebook. In developing the render, he used the Taycan and Panamera Sport Turismo elements, transferring them to a small coupe the size of a Cayman. Thus, Mission C received an elegant proportion and appearance that resembles a wagon.

 The render is allowed to look only at the back of the model – wide wings, a narrow roof and taillights in the Taycan style. The third brake light is integrated into the edge of the roof, tilted back, forming a spoiler on the glass. But it is not clear how the back door will open – it looks like a small hole for cargo.

On the other hand, it is a 2-door Shootingbrake where practicality is not an advantage. Instead, it’s about style, and that’s enough for the Porsche Mission C. Although it is impossible to consider the front of the car, it can be assumed that it is made in the style of Taycan. You can see the vent in front of the doors in the sheet metal of the wing, also available from Taycan.

 It is worth noting that the next electrified Porsche model will be the Macan crossover. In the end, the entire Porsche line will be electric.