Shell to install charging stations in Waitrose stores by 2025

Shell to install charging stations in Waitrose stores by 2025

July 22, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Almost every UK supermarket will get its own electric gas station

British-Dutch oil and gas company Royal Dutch Shell, according to the publication, is going to establish a network of electric stations in the large British supermarket chain Waitrose.

We are talking about about a hundred stores of this network. Each of them will receive 6 gas stations with a capacity of 22 kW and 2 fast chargers, the capacity of which will already be 50 kW. Thus, the total number of such stations will reach 800 units. The last of which is planned to be installed by 2025. This will increase the number of Shell electric stations in Foggy Albion by 8 times – from 108 to 808.

It is assumed that the first such point will appear at the beginning of next year. According to the idea of ​​the company, such stations should support the owners of electric vehicles during such an important activity as shopping, so that they do not worry about the remaining power reserve.

Moreover, a partnership with a British supermarket chain will allow Shell forecourt to expand its own grocery stores. Now there are 57 such points. However, by 2025, the number will rise to 125 units.

Shell recently acquired EV Ubitricity, which specializes in chargers. Both companies have set themselves an even more ambitious goal – to install 5,000 electric filling stations at the station squares and other public places by the same 2025.

In the US, Shell has a separate project with General Motors to help the company install its charging stations in Texas.