Shelby will release 20 special Mustangs for hire

Shelby will release 20 special Mustangs for hire

May 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sixt ordered a batch of unique Ford Mustag compressors. The novelty called Shelby GT-S has become the first rental car with a compressor engine available to customers of the national rental network.

Shelby American has already built and transferred a limited edition Ford Mustang to Sixt. This will be the first time that powerful compressor cars will appear in the national rolling network. The limited edition is called Shelby GT-S and is distinguished by livery in the branded colors of the car.

The overall design of the car was developed jointly by experts Shelby and Sixt. As a power unit, a 5.0-liter V8 compressor engine is installed, capable of developing more than 600 horsepower. Together with him, an automatic transmission is installed on 10 steps.

 In addition to color and engine, cars will differ suspension with special settings, a modified Brembo brake system and unique Shelby alloy wheels. In essence, 21 sports cars will be released in total, 20 of which will be offered for rent, and one will be taken over by the general director in personal possession.

All cars will receive a personal serial number and will be entered in a special registry Shelby. The cost of rental is not reported.