Shanghai Motor Show will take place in April 2021

Shanghai Motor Show will take place in April 2021

September 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Shanghai Auto Show will be held next year on the traditional dates.

It is known that the date of the event was announced during the Beijing Auto Show. The car shows in Beijing and Shanghai follow each other year after year. Usually, these events take place at the end of April, but this year the Beijing Motor Show was postponed to September-October due to the pandemic. There is information that the Shanghai Motor Show next year, while it is planned to organize in the standard timeframe, namely from April 19th, since this date was reserved for the so-called media day.

The 2021 Shanghai Auto Show is due to take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center. In addition, the theme of the event, “Acceptance of Change”, has already been named.

“We notice that the digitalization process is leading to profound changes in production methods, product forms, as well as in consumption habits and business models,” the press release said.