Seven seater Volkswagen crossover will be called Atlas

Seven seater Volkswagen crossover will be called Atlas

October 7, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Large crossover Volkswagen are preparing for the premiere at the Auto Show in Los Angeles. It would seem that all of it is already known, but there emerged an unexpected details.

It was long thought that seven seater crossover Volkswagen will be called Teramont. But now claimed that the name of model will be different – Volkswagen Atlas. Copyright executed the car is 28 April.

Most likely, the new crossover Volkswagen was named after the Atlas Mountains in northwest Africa. By the way, Volkswagen Touareg SUV named after the Tuareg tribe living in the same region.

Seven seater crossover Volkswagen Atlas reaches 5039 mm long, 1989 mm wide and 1773 mm in height, and its wheelbase will be 2,980 mm.

The basis for the new 7-seat crossover Volkswagen served MQB platform, and became the prototype concept car CrossBlue, first presented at the Detroit Motor Show in 2013.

The car is equipped with petrol fours turbine capacity of 2.0 liters (190 and 240 hp) or 3.6-liter 280-hp atmospheric V6. In the future will be a hybrid modification. Buyers can choose front or four-wheel drive.

The new SUV has been designed specifically for the US market, China and Russia – probably this is due to a change of name and model. Previously, crossover model was designated as Teramont, but in the end the company decided to withdraw from its principles according to which the model range, produced by Volkswagen, have in the beginning of the model name the letter “T” – for example, the Tiguan and Touareg.

The new crossover Volkswagen will go into production at factories in the US and China in December. Buy seven seater Volkswagen Atlas will be the spring of 2017 at a price of about 40-45 thousand dollars.

Official presentation of VW Atlas for media will be held the 27 October in Santa Monica.

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