Serial Volkswagen Atlas debuts in Shanghai

Serial Volkswagen Atlas debuts in Shanghai

April 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The management of the German mark has finally chosen the place and time of the presentation of the coupe-like version of its crossover. From the “classic” model of such an SUV, in the first place, it differs in modified exterior elements.

After a couple of weeks at the upcoming motor show in Shanghai will be presented serial Volkswagen Atlas in the coupe performance. Such information appeared on the eve of the news feeds. Familiarity fans of the brand with the usual Volkswagen Teramont took place two years ago. The coupe-shaped version of the model was different from its predecessor reworked bumpers, a different grille and original optics.

The length of the cross-coupe reaches 4,905 mm. This, by the way, is 134 mm smaller than that of the three-row SUV. The height of the coupe-shaped VW Teramont is 1 719 mm, width – 1 989 mm, wheelbase – 2 980 mm.

As an engine, the new product will receive a two-liter TSI, whose power, depending on the modification, can vary from 186 to 220 horsepower. Also, the cross can be equipped with a 2.5-liter engine with a return of 299 hp. The entire motor range is combined with a seven-step “robot”, but the drive can be either front or full. How much will cost buyers Atlas coupe, not yet reported.