Serial BMW iNext will receive a new name

Serial BMW iNext will receive a new name

August 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The iNext concept debuted back in 2018, but as it became known, the production version of the model will not hit the market until the summer of 2021. At launch, the Bavarian brand’s all-electric crossover will be offered with three power outputs.

Electric vehicle production cycles are generally extremely long, which is why rumors about their range and power ratings often change. BMW iNext is a perfect example of this. The Bavarian automaker is due to unveil a production version of the iNext soon, but before that happens, some interesting details have surfaced on the BMW blog.

Firstly, it will not be called either iNext or iX5, as previously suggested. The car will be about the same size as the BMW X5 (maybe slightly smaller), but it will reportedly carry a new name – the iX. If these rumors prove to be true, the iX will be the first and only BMW model since the Isetta to be missing numbers.

Aside from the news about the name, the publication claims that the BMW iX will offer three power output options. The iX’s electric motors will be roughly comparable to the internal combustion engines used in the X5, with the base model producing around 308 horsepower. A more powerful version, probably the M Sport, will produce around 522 hp. Finally, the version with the maximum range will produce about 610 hp. thanks to two electric motors, which is similar in performance to the X5 M. Electric mileage estimates remain somewhat of a mystery, but the iX will need to travel around 480 km on a single charge to be competitive.

Global production of the all-electric BMW iX crossover is slated to begin in July 2021, although, as is the case with most European electric vehicles, it may take much longer for the iX to reach the United States market.