Sergio Perez: While I’m not happy with the balance of the car

Sergio Perez: While I’m not happy with the balance of the car

March 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

For the Racing Point team, formerly known as Force India, the first training sessions of the 2019 season in Australia were mixed. At the end of the day, Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll somewhat lost to their direct competitors from Alfa Romeo, Toro Rosso, Renault and Haas. Nevertheless, the team is confident that tomorrow they will be able to add …

Sergio Perez (16th): “It’s always great to get back behind the wheel to start the season, but so far we have not achieved what we expect in terms of competitiveness. The first sessions turned out to be quite complicated for me, I am dissatisfied with the balance of the car and the behavior of the tires.

Today we have experienced many new products, we still have to deal with them, but for now we tried to find a compromise. It is difficult to say after one day of training, in which positions we are in comparison with the others, but the results in the middle of the peloton are very dense, so any increase in speed will be useful. ”

Lance Stroll (13th): It’s not so easy to draw conclusions from today’s sessions. We performed a large test program, tried to deal with new elements of aerodynamics, but it was rather windy, and this always complicates the work.

The season is just beginning, but the struggle in the middle of the peloton is very tight, so every tenth one will matter in qualifying. In the evening we will study all the data, work on the weak points and return to the stronger ones. In general, the feeling of the car is positive, you only need to make a few adjustments. I think we can participate in the fight. “

Othmar Suffnauer, Team Leader: “A very successful first day in Melbourne. We drove 119 laps, tried all three rubber compounds available to us, collected enough data to find solutions in the evening. The conditions were initially fairly representative, but during the day the wind increased.

One of our main priorities was the testing of aerodynamic innovations, and we divided them between machines. At first signs, everything looks good, but we still have to work in the evening to deal with everything. Apparently, the struggle in the middle of the peloton is very dense, so it is important to achieve the maximum in the qualification, because overtaking in Albert Park has always been difficult. ”