Sergio Perez: We will focus on qualifications

Sergio Perez: We will focus on qualifications

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Racing Point earned points in all four races of the season, the last stage in Baku was the most productive – and in Barcelona the team hopes to build on the success.

Sergio Perez: “The result of the race in Baku raised my spirits. In all the sessions we were quick, and in the race we earned points with two cars. So far, all the stages this year have been productive for us – and we want to build on our success.

I look forward to the race in Barcelona. It’s great that at the beginning of the season we travel a lot, but I am glad to return to Europe, to the old school tracks. However, in Barcelona we work so often and a lot on tests that there are not so many secrets for us at this route.

However, even after the winter tests there are questions about the optimal settings. Then it was cold, now it is warm. To make the tires work efficiently, you need to work out on Friday trainings without any problems. Overtake on the Spanish track is very difficult, so we will focus on preparing for the qualification “.

Lance Stroll: “In Baku, I once again managed to earn points, and last weekend turned out for the team the most productive since the beginning of the season. In the race the car was fast, I enjoyed the fight with rivals.

Returning to Europe is always associated with changes in the balance of power. We are also preparing several new products – it is interesting to evaluate their effectiveness in comparison with new products of rivals.

It took several months after the winter tests in Barcelona. Now the conditions are completely different, but we will be able to understand how much success we have achieved since then.

The track in Barcelona is technical and smooth, it is important to find a suitable lap rhythm, to achieve stability in high-speed turns, to confidently attack in the first two sectors. The teams are well aware of the Spanish track test, so that the results will certainly be even more dense. “

Omar Safnauer, team leader: “It is pleasant to remember the result of the last race in Baku. We earned points with two cars, became “the best of the rest” – this is the result of the team’s hard work. We knew that we should perform successfully on the Baku highway – and made the most of this chance.

For the first European stage in Barcelona, ​​most of the teams are preparing the first serious machine updates. Including us – on Friday we have to evaluate many new aerodynamic and mechanical solutions. I do not expect serious changes in the balance of power this weekend, but I hope that we will remain the leaders of the average group of teams and again earn points. ”