Sergio Perez: Suzuka – one of the best tracks in the world

Sergio Perez: Suzuka – one of the best tracks in the world

October 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Racing Point cars are traditionally fast in Suzuka, so the team is optimistic about the race …

Lance Stroll: “I am a big fan of Suzuki. This is one of the best, if not the best track on the calendar. The Formula 1 car on it literally comes to life. Each sector has its own characteristics. There are bundles of slow and fast turns, but the main thing is an incredibly fast and smooth configuration.

This is the track of the old school, where there are almost no safety zones and you can’t be mistaken, you need to fly there very precisely – everything is different from most other tracks. To drive fast, you need to use every millimeter. That is why it is so popular with riders and fans.

Most of all I like the first of the Degner turns – the most interesting of the season, very narrow, but you fly it in fifth gear and at a speed of 260-270 km / h. This is impressive. It’s great to feel that speed in qualification.

The entire first sector is unique, and it is there that Formula 1 cars work best. It all depends on the accuracy in piloting and on whether you managed to enter the rhythm. Confidence in this sector is growing during the weekend, and it all depends on whether you managed to properly direct the car.

Japanese fans make this weekend special, they create incredible energy. In addition, I like Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. It’s very interesting to try something local. ”

Sergio Perez: “Suzuka is one of the best tracks. Because of high-speed turns, riders like it, and the first sector is probably the best in the world – you understand what a Formula 1 car is capable of, when you need to constantly change direction, especially with empty tanks in qualification.

Not only the first sector is interesting. At the end of the circle there is an impressive 130R turn, where the exit speed reaches 300 km / h. Although modern cars have high downforce, they need to be piloted very accurately there to prevent mistakes.

Thinking of Japan, I always remember the amazing local fans. They are already waiting for us in the morning when we leave the hotel. It’s great that they love our sport so much. They are polite and respectful – and always give presents. ”

Otmar Safnauer, team leader: “After the summer break, there were a lot of positive things, and we made some progress in working with the machine. We have earned a lot of points in Russia, so I’m sure that in all the remaining races we also finish in the top ten.

The team always comes to Japan with pleasure, the riders like the track in Suzuka. The stands are always full, Japanese fans warmly welcome us. The Japanese stage is one of the highlights of the season. ”