Sergio Perez hopes for a change in Formula 1

Sergio Perez hopes for a change in Formula 1

July 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Sergio Perez regrets that racers from the middle of the peloton have almost no chance to compete for the podium …

Sergio Perez: “Speaking for the team from the middle of the peloton, you understand that at best you can only fight for points. Those who have no idea how everything is arranged in Formula 1, consider you a loser.

I have very strong rivals in the fight for the position in the middle of the peloton. If after the race I feel that I have done everything that depended on me, the position at the finish does not matter – then you can relax. I can show what I can do, to achieve the maximum result for the team – this is great motivating.

The structure of Formula 1 does not fit neither the racers nor the sport. Here are amazing pilots, but many of them have never risen to the podium. I hope the owners of Formula 1 will think about it and will want to make the race more interesting “.