SEMA unveils Ford Super Duty mobile home

SEMA unveils Ford Super Duty mobile home

November 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The tuning camper is fully prepared for an off-road expedition and can comfortably accommodate up to four people. In fact, we were shown an off-road pickup with a new residential module from Lance Camper.

At the SEMA show, the latest exhibit was presented, showing two elements at once. Firstly, the 2019 Ford F-350 off-road pickup was shown, equipped with an improved ICON Stage 5 suspension, as well as a residential module from the well-known company Lance Camper.

The off-road truck received increased payload, increased clearance by 10 cm, powerful metal bumpers and an electric hoist. Alloy wheels shod in a huge off-road tires. A motor is installed under the hood without any boost.

 The residential module is a universal “box” that can be installed on most pickups. The module model is called the Lance Camper 855S. It is a four-seater variation designed for year-round use. It includes a retractable dining room, a small kitchen, a bathroom with shower and an abundance of electronics.

The cost of the presented kit is not reported. But the presented model can also be noted due to the interesting coloring of the body.