Selfdriving Volvo will appear on the roads in two years

Selfdriving Volvo will appear on the roads in two years

May 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

All Volvo models, which will be built on a modified SPA 2 platform, will optionally have a track autopilot. The composition of this system will include an optical rangefinder company Luminar. It will be built into the roof above the windshield.

In 2022, the presentation of a modernized variation of the SPA 2 architecture will take place, on which the new XC90 will be built. The platform after restyling will acquire hardware support for advanced modifications of autonomous driving systems.

In turn, the Luminar lidar integrated into the roof will become part of the Highway Pilot autopilot, which combines all on-board electronics into a common network and operates on the basis of Zenuity software.

 Thanks to the active rangefinder, a real-time map of the area will be formed. Moreover, its accuracy is so high that from a distance of 250 m, the equipment will be able to determine in what position the person is, and also the position of his arms and legs.

 Volvo has kept the details a secret, however, apparently, we are talking about autopilot 3rd level of autonomy on the SAE scale. In other words, in certain cases, the motorist can not keep his hands on the steering wheel and do not even pay attention to the road. The system will operate only on some highways around the world, but the creators promise an expansion of geography as updates begin to appear.

 Nevertheless, before launching vehicles with autopilot on the roads, the Swedish company will have to ensure that a regulatory framework is developed for them.