Self-leveling wheel hub covers will be available for VW models

Self-leveling wheel hub covers will be available for VW models

July 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

First introduced by the British brand Rolls-Royce, self-leveling wheel hub covers will also be available for models of the German brand Volkswagen. This was told in a recent interview with official representatives of the company.

Self-centering covers are made of a special alloy, which are considered “touching super-luxury” and can be removed and dressed whenever you want to replace a wheel. As the name implies, the company icon will always be in the correct position, regardless of the position of the wheel, or how fast you drive.

You might think that such an exclusive option will be available only on the most luxurious models ever created by the brand, for example, the new generation of full-size Phaeton sedans, but this is not so. Officially it became known that this model, as well as the mid-size crossover Touareg, certainly will not receive such wheel caps. The list of incompatible models is in fact already defined, and it is quite long, as it also includes small cars, such as the Polo and the new sub-compact T-Cross crossover. If you know the VW product codes, then you can easily check the compatibility of your car with the new company chip. Self-leveling wheel hub caps will appear only on vehicles with hub caps 5G0601171XQI.

It is known that a full set of four caps will cost you 156 pounds sterling in the UK.

“We didn’t completely reinvent the wheel here, but we know that this new product will attract certain customers,” says James Wolfe, accessories and merchandise manager at Volkswagen U.K.