Self-driving Nissan Leaf sets UK record for independent trip length

Self-driving Nissan Leaf sets UK record for independent trip length

February 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The UK is developing its own autopilot as part of the state program HumanDrive. One of the test cars managed to overcome the 370 km long route on its own, which is an absolute record for the country.

In the UK, an electric Nissan Leaf equipped with an unmanned system was able to independently drive 370 km. As part of the test run, a new unmanned control system from the HumanDrive consortium was tested. It is being developed by Nissan itself, the leading company, as well as the innovation agency Innovate UK, Hitachi Europe and SBD Automotive.

 A feature of the technology is the goal aimed at creating a system capable of perceiving the surrounding world as a person. The viability of the technology proved 370-mile mileage on a specially prepared car. It was equipped with several rangefinders, cameras, lidar. As part of the test, the drone drove along city roads, country roads without marking, at intersections and roundabouts.

The drone’s “brain” is constantly learning by machine, based on a huge database of similar situations on the road, as well as comparing the results with previously found successful and unsuccessful solutions.

When the consortium will be able to provide a workable production version is not reported.