Seine Alliance will give electric car batteries a second life on the water

Seine Alliance will give electric car batteries a second life on the water

November 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Together with Renault, the company developed a project for the electrification of its Black Swan boats, a key element of which will be the use of exhausted batteries in Renault electric vehicles, but still quite suitable for river use.

Seine Alliance is a French company that owns about 150 Black Swan pleasure boats. They all work on the Seine: walks on this river can be considered an obligatory part of the tourist program of visitors to Paris. Until now, Black Swan have been equipped with ICE, but now it was decided to convert them to electricity, and in an unusual way.

Automakers, including Renault, claim that battery life in electric cars is 10 years. After that, the battery can be disposed of, however, its life is not fully exhausted. It is quite enough to provide power for pleasure boats that sail on short routes at low speeds. This is economically advantageous due to the low cost of old batteries, and environmental benefits will be not only the transition to electric traction, but also the postponement of the rather “dirty” procedure for battery disposal.

Battery packs on board the Black Swan will take the place of the former fuel tanks under the seats of passengers, their weight will be 278 kg. The boat will be driven by two electric motors with a capacity of 20 kW – this is quite enough for “walking-excursion” speeds for 2 hours. The maximum speed of the ship is not given, but the company emphasizes that the dynamics do not play a big role here.

The first Black Swan will be electrified and will begin operations in the first quarter of next year, and these boats on the Seine will become fully electric by 2024.