Seen pickup Mercedes X-Class with a long platform

Seen pickup Mercedes X-Class with a long platform

February 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Does the German brand Mercedes-Benz plan to release a version of the X-Class pickup truck with an extended cargo platform? So far this is not entirely clear.

A year ago, we thought that such a version of the car would definitely be presented – “spy” photos of the corresponding prototype appeared back in March 2018, but since then there have been no more pictures. After that, we decided that the project decided to “roll up”, so we thought that the mid-sized Mercedes X-Class with a long platform and an increased wheelbase would be canceled, but the pictures that appeared today prove the opposite.

There is no camouflage on this prototype, except for small films at the beginning of the cargo section, which looks rather strange.

The last time we saw this truck, it was completely “wrapped” in camouflage, so it can be assumed that either the testing has progressed to such an extent that you don’t need to hide most of the details, or we look at the German new test mule. In any case, the guys from Mercedes are trying not to cover the appearance of the Mercedes X-Class pickup with an increased cargo platform.

Although there is no doubt that the longer part of the pickup, intended for the carriage of goods, in combination with the increased power of the engine will surely please fans of pickups. A 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel engine with a capacity of 255 hp is already offered for this model. (550 Nm). There is also the possibility that Mercedes engineers will be able to install a 4.0-liter Twin Turbo V8.