Seemingly perfect Toyota turned out to be completely rusty inside

Seemingly perfect Toyota turned out to be completely rusty inside

October 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

What is hidden under the body of a used car? As a rule, the external condition is associated with the internal, but this Toyota SUV has decided to hide important secrets

Do not forget that a used car must be inspected very carefully if you are seriously thinking about buying. Studying the condition of the body may not be enough, because the main danger is sometimes hidden from view. What does 17-year-old Toyota think about this?

It’s worth starting with the fact that a particular used Toyota 4Runner of 2003 (4th generation) spent his entire life in New York and only recently ended up in California – on the opposite end of the United States. The state of New York has a rather varied and aggressive climate. This could not but affect the condition of the car.

Of course, from the outside, the old Toyota 4Runner SUV clearly speaks of its second-hand condition: first of all, this can be judged by minor damage to the paintwork and faded headlights. But the used car is still doing well. In front of us is a reliable frame SUV Toyota!

The outside says nothing about corrosion problems. In fact, the car almost died from the inside. Rust has destroyed some of the frame parts, and in some places fresher metal elements have been welded to the frame. At the moment, the car looks as if it is already impossible to save it.

Why did it happen? The answer is not only humid autumn and spring, but also snowy winters with aggressive reagents on the roads and salt. The car covered a little more than 200,000 km – in 17 years a ridiculous figure for a frame Toyota, which can easily handle over a million. Apparently, this particular specimen stood still for a long time. At the same time – not in the best conditions. Accordingly, the car felt the full fury of the climate without proper care from the previous owner.