See why you should not park expensive supercars at panoramic windows

See why you should not park expensive supercars at panoramic windows

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

McLaren 650S became a participant in an accident without leaving the car dealership

In Houston, Texas, a very strange accident occurred: a wheel broke off at a truck, flew through six lanes, crashed into a building and, rebounding, hit the window of a McLaren dealership. The tire landed right on the roof of the luxurious 650S, owned by MLB star baseball player Trevor Bauer.

The local police are still establishing the circumstances of the incident. Meanwhile, Bauer posted a photograph on his Twitter page that shows the consequences of the incident: the wheel really lies on the supercar, and around it are fragments of a broken window. You can also notice a huge pothole in the wall of the building.

“If you said yesterday that my McLaren had an accident with a truck, I would have believed. But if you said that this would happen in this way, I would call you crazy, ”the athlete wrote in his microblog.

The extent of damage to the 650S is not reported, however, according to The New York Post, the car was insured. The estimated cost of such a McLaren 650S is 300 thousand dollars.

In October, an accident occurred in the United States worthy of the film “Final destination”. Nissan Xterra crashed into a timber truck with such force that poorly fixed logs pierced the car through and through. The driver miraculously survived.