See what a tire explosion looks like from the inside

See what a tire explosion looks like from the inside

August 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tire exploded after a long burnout

The blogger and author of the YouTube channel Warped Perception showed what an explosion of a tire that could not withstand a burnout looks like from the inside – a long slip in place. To do this, he installed a GoPro camera on the wheel rim of a Mercedes-Benz W211, which transmits frames to a smartphone in real time, and covered it with a tire.

To illuminate the insides of the wheel, the device had to be equipped with a flashlight. When everything was ready, the blogger proceeded to “burning” the tires, promising not to let go of the gas pedal until the explosion. The video shows how the tire fills with smoke and eventually bursts in several places at once due to friction and overheating.

As a result of the burnout, a long black mark and pieces of torn rubber remained under the wheel. The camera did not survive the experiment: it managed to capture the moment of the explosion, but it flew apart and became very hot. It failed to enable it.

In early August, Warped Perception posted the first video showing the inside of the tire while driving on both good and bad roads. Then the GoPro camera was more fortunate: on uneven asphalt it flew off the mount, but did not break.