See what a three-door Cadillac Escalade might look like

See what a three-door Cadillac Escalade might look like

September 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The SUV got the look in the style of “charged” V-Series models

Designer Abimelek Arellano tried to portray the look of the American SUV Cadillac Escalade without rear doors and in an aggressive sports body kit.

The three-door Cadillac Escalade-V Coupe would be a representative SUV for those who care about appearance more than the number of seats in the cabin. It looks more elegant than the standard five-door version and offers an aggressive radiator grill and a front bumper in the style of a sports Cadillac. At the back, you can watch the bumper and exhaust system in the spirit of the V-series.

The SUV is also equipped with C3 alloy wheels and high performance tires. Ground clearance, of course, has been reduced for beauty. Large brakes are visible through the wheels. The interior is trimmed with genuine leather and offers decorative finishes in wood, carbon fiber and piano lacquer. Of course, Escalade-V is just a drawing and is unlikely to ever be embodied in a production model.